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Our Story

In 2006, SURROUND's three founders (Brad McCusker, Michael D'Aprix and Marcus Jowsey) set out to transform the way government works. The team have worked together over two years to develop a solution to the hurdles governments face when accessing, analysing and managing their knowledge base.


SURROUND's core mission is to provide value to citizens by providing government agencies with business intelligence and integration tools at a fraction of their current costs.


The team at SURROUND use modern ontological tools to help solve complex knowledge problems so that federal, state and local governments of all sizes can collaborate more effectively, make smarter evidence-based decisions and achieve greater citizen wellbeing.

Our Team
DrBrad McCusker
CEO & Founder
Marcus Jowsey
Executive Director & Founder

Brad has a background as an enterprise architect, accountant, and ICT consultant. Before co-founding SURROUND, he worked as a senior enterprise architect with Accenture, IBM Global Services, IBM Business Consulting Group, IBM Japan, and CSC Australia. Brad has also worked in various senior architectural and consulting roles with ING Australia, the Australian and New Zealand Bank, the Department of Health, the Australian Treasury, the Department of Social Services, and the Department of Human Services. Brad is a visiting fellow at the ANU.

Prior to co-founding SURROUND, Marcus has held positions as senior consultant for Dialog, development manager for APIR Systems, and applications developer for ThoughtWeb. He was a senior architect with the Department of Human Services, the Department of Social Services, the Department of Environment, and the Department of Health. Marcus also assists DXC Technology and the Australian Tax Office with architecture for applications and integration. Before moving seamlessly into the software engineering space in 2008, Marcus worked as a commercial oilfield diver in the North Sea and Asia, running a successful marine engineering company building onshore marine facilities.

Michael D'Aprix
Non-Executive Director & Founder
Bill Gibson
Non-Executive Chair

Michael has a background as a lawyer, a manufacturing process control and design expert, and an industrial safety expert. More recently, he has worked as a business transformation consultant and group facilitator and strategist for the Australian National University, the Australian Capital Territory Government, the University of New South Wales, and TeamInvest.

Bill has held many prestigious positions, including most recently as the Chief Information Officer of the Australian Taxation Office where he ran the Change Program. Prior to his time in the ATO, Bill held various senior positions in ICT with Qantas.

Rob Atkinson
Lead Ontologist
Dion Walder
Ontology Platform Engineer

Rob has a background in integrating data in a wide variety of distributed systems. He has lectured in Computing Science and Geographic Information Systems, and has been a pioneer of delivery of spatial data on the Web, working with and developing Open Geospatial Consortium and W3C standards. In the last decade, his focus has been on data modelling and semantic mapping as part of hybrid Linked Data, Semantic Web, service-oriented and data warehouse architectures. Rob has been active in improving methodologies for sharing semantic knowledge across enterprise boundaries, and in the development of standards. He has mentored several international subject domain communities such as Geoscience, Marine, Aviation and Hydrology in data modelling, and model-driven architecture techniques. Rob is currently active in the W3C Data Exchange Working Group.

Dion is an experienced infrastructure and application integration engineer. His role is to handle production promotion through the continuous integration process, and to assist customers with technical on-boarding.  He is also responsible for providing the evidence and traceability between the results from the SURROUND platform and our customers' business goals. This is to ensure the highest degree of business alignment, and a rapid feedback cycle to address any gaps. 

Professor Shirley Gregor
Advisor for: Knowledge as a Service
Nicholas Car
Data Systems Architect

Nicholas’ main experience is in building distributed data systems for government. For 15 years (on and off) he worked at CSIRO, first as a Ph.D. student addressing informatics challenges in agriculture, then as a research engineer on water data systems, and finally as an experimental computer scientist. Most recently, he was the design lead for several innovative Linked Data and Semantic Web projects including the Location Index spine and Longitudinal Spine of Government Functions. They aim to provide collections of integrated, reference Australian government datasets allowing for data integration.


He has also worked as the Data Architect of Geoscience Australia, advising on agency-wide data systems and managing technical and data policy teams.


Currently, Nicholas is active as a web standards editor in the W3C’s Dataset Exchange Working Group, and is co-chair of the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group, and as a Asia Pacific data conference speaker.

Shirley is the foundation Professor of Information Systems at the Australian National University, where she is a Director of the National Centre for Information Systems Research. Prof. Gregor has led several large applied research projects funded by the Meat Research Corporation, the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, the Australian Research Council, and AusAID.

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