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Our Partners

At SURROUND, we are committed to delivering our customers world-class modern ontological tools to help solve complex knowledge problems. We believe that a strong network of like-minded partners is critical to achieving that goal.


Working in collaboration with our partners, who are leading experts in their fields, we ensure that we provide the highest quality expert services to our clients. We aim to not only achieve long-term solutions through our partnerships, but also to help clients extend the value of SURROUND's tools through partner offerings and world-class supporting services. 


Our partners include the Australian National University, TopQuadrant, Capsifi, MuleSoft, ASPL, and MarkLogic.

Our network of partners allows us to provide our clients the best, world-class tools, and creates the environment for the integration and implementation of our leading IP. Our collaborative partnerships also ensure that our services can be offered and provided from our physical offices in Canberra, Australia, to a worldwide market.

We currently have six partners, each of whom provides different types of assistance to help in the formulation, delivery, and support for our products and services.


The Australian National University (ANU) is a world-class research university, currently ranked 19th in the world. ANU will provide long term research assistance, including access to researchers, academic materials, and the ANU innovations lab. We will also have access to the ANU W3C Consortium office for the management of submissions to W3C for global standards, ensuring that SURROUND’s information meta-model has the opportunity to achieve a global standard.

SURROUND partners with TopQuadrant to deliver best-of-breed semantic web technology. TopQuadrant provides a world-class ontology development and hosting platform, as well as a range of reference data integration and aggregate ontology. TopQuadrant gives us the ability to auto-generate JSON, WDSL, and XML, and to integrate with the LOD cloud using RDF, Spin Motion, and semantic reasoning with JENA.

Capsifi provides a cloud-enterprise modelling platform that enables intelligenct business transformation. Capsifi is a platform that supports our knowledge architecture and reasoning modules and allow us to provide business process normalisation and business process optimisation, including business rules, tasks, roles, and events.

MuleSoft provides the technical ability to enable API as a service.  SURROUND partners with MuleSoft on each engagement in matters relating to complex systems integration, where the resolution of islands of information is a key priority for the departmental executives who seek internal and external data API led connectivity.

ASPL provide recruitment, innovation, consulting and enterprise architecture expertise.  We work with ASPL on large public sector contracts to utilise their skills in consulting, innovation and enterprise architecture. This allows us to utilise our ontology platform to provide world class information analytics, visualisation and knowledge enhancement.

MarkLogic provides a world-class NoSQL platform for the hosting our ontology designs and provides the ability to execute complex queries in a real time manner.

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