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Auto-Classification of Banking Transactions

Allows journals to be created directly from Bank Statements by accurately mapping the transaction description to the Account Code

The Auto-Classification of Banking Transactions Application is an electronic method of accurately coding banking transactions to financial ERP systems, into order to automate what is a highly manual task in most organisations.  ACTBTM  delivers the following services:


  • Highly accurate classification of banking transactions to the organisation’s Chart of Accounts

  • Comprehensive explainability for the classification of each banking transaction

  • Configurable ability to set automation thresholds

  • Configurable ability to improve auto-classification rates via machine learning techniques, using supervised learning

  • Configurable ability to operational and audit process governance

ACBT implements a number of methods to auto-classify banking transactions. The methods operate within a framework that we can vary for you to achieve the outcome you need: specific methods for specific scenarios, faster or more detailed methods. You're in control of the outcomes you want to achieve.