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Meaningful Movement of Mining Metadata

Manages metadata-driven compliance submissions from mining companies to Federal and State Governments

Australian Federal and State agencies are moving to require compliance submissions as data objects, not documents. Our expectation is that these data objects will be Semantic Web objects.

As 4M allows mining companies to submit data objects (as opposed to documents), this allows for a fully automated metadata-driven submission and acceptance process.

4M allows for:

  • instant submission validity checks

  • submission tracking

    • results from Departments can be associated with the original submission object for refinement

  • submission partial reuse

    • if you're submitting similar things over time, reuse some parts

  • reference dataset associations

    • Departments are moving to publishing reference datasets that you'll need to link to in submissions. 4M will have up-to-date copies of all those reference datasets for easy selection

At SURROUND, we are aware of national data integration initiatives to allow objects, such as those that might be reported for compliance, to be associated with national master datasets. One such initiative, the Location Index (LocI), lists a series of national spatial dataset. 4M comes with parts of LocI within it so that you can easily indicate which national spatial data your submission relates to. Such linking to master data will become mandatory for compliance data submissions so having that information at your fingertips saves you time and effort.